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Praise for Elaine Viets

  • Brain Storm
    Viets takes an entertaining detour from her usual cozy territory...

    —Publishers Weekly
  • Brain Storm
    5 stars. WOW! What an incredible story, which mirrors Elaine's own so closely. Viets tells this story so well that when Angela is having her migraines, I can almost feel them myself. When she finds out that she has been in a medically-induced coma after being sent home from the ER by an uncaring doctor, who is later murdered in front of most of the medical staff at the hospital, the story takes a decidedly wicked turn. Viets uses an economy of words in her dialogue to move the story; her characters feel very real. Kate, Angela's medical examiner friend has the right amount of bite and wit to keep her from being a shrew and the doctors are arrogant enough (for different reasons) to remind me of some I've met myself. This fast-paced thriller was an excellent read and I look forward to Angela as a series character from this award-winning writer.

    -Pam Stack Host: Authors on the Air
  • Praise for Checked Out
    A library can be the focal point of a community — a place to find the latest best-seller, to just sit and read, to work on the computers, to study. In Elaine Viets' energetic 14th Dead-End Job mystery, a library also can be a hotbed of intrigue, jealousy, social standing and hatred. With her usual snappy humor and strong plotting, Viets delivers a highly entertaining mystery in "Checked Out" that also delivers an often poignant look at those who toil at low-paying jobs.

    —Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • A Dog Gone Murder
    Yes, this one had me turning the pages fast as could be to find out who the killer amidst many worth suspects was, but just as much made me admire Josie for going the extra mile and risking her own safety, and Viets for caring about the details enough to make them all vivid and memorable. This one’s perfect for pet lovers, but you don’t need to have a warm furry creature to curl up with to savor this family-oriented cozy.

    —Rachel Kramer Busel, Criminal Elements
  • Catnapped!
    The 13th installment of this national bestselling series is clearly Viets’s best mystery to date. The two subplots intertwined into the storyline bring substance to the intricate novel. The chemistry between Helen and Phil is endearing as is the friendship they share with their fellow Coronado residents. As for the cat show theme, Viets gives the reader a comical glimpse of chaos while still managing to construe a plausible plot. Overall, Catnapped’s roaring theatrics and yowling performance deliver this summer’s purr-fect cozy mystery read.

    —Jennifer Vido, BlogHer
  • Fixing to Die
    Elaine has done it again by delivering a wonderfully crafted whodunit that was both enjoyable and entertaining. This terrific mystery kept me engaged from beginning to end and I enjoyed following the clues along with Josie that led us closer to the killer’s identity. It was great watching Josie grow stronger with much confidence as a heroine. Boasting a solid storyline, great dialogue, a wonderful cast of characters that includes Ted and Amelia, and a nice comfortable tone, this is one of the best books in this fabulously excellent series.

    —Dru Ann Love, Dru's Book Musings
  • Clubbed to Death
    Wickedly funny.

    —The Miami Herald
  • Clubbed to Death
    Telemarketer. Dog groomer. Dress-shop clerk. Elaine Viets has worked in some thankless professions, but all in a good cause — research for her Dead-End Job mystery series featuring Helen Hawthorne, a former corporate executive who has been hiding out from her rapacious former husband ever since she got the short end of a nasty divorce settlement. Maintaining her low profile in CLUBBED TO DEATH (Obsidian, $21.95), Helen is demeaning herself in the “customer care” department of a once exclusive country club in South Florida that now caters to “disbarred lawyers, wife beaters, cokeheads” and other wealthy riffraff. Viets cooks up a clever enough plot involving Helen’s loathsome ex, resurfaced as the consort of a rich dowager who has buried so many husbands she’s known as the Black Widow. But the real satisfaction is in observing the club members at their worst, bullying the help with the imperious demand “Do you know who I am?” To which the only honest, if unspoken, response must be: “Yes, ma’am. ... You are another rude rich person.”

    —Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Review of Books