Cats & Dogs

Elaine Viets: A mystery for every mood

Helen Hawthorne and Phil have a six toed cat named thumbs. He makes an appearance in every of the Dead End Jobs Mysteries.  Thumbs is quite real.

Librarian Anne Watts and Sarah Watts Casinger kindly loaned me Thumbs for this series. And yes, he really has six toes.






Mystery is a retired show cat. He lives with Elaine and Don.

Mystery's official name is Columbleu's Unsolved Mysterie. She is a Chartreux, a French show cat from a family of champions. Mystery was bred to go into the family business, but she bit a judge at her first (and last) cat show. After her retirement, Don and I adopted her.




Meet Stuart Little, adopted by Josie's Mom, Jane. In real life, Stuart Little belongs to Bill Lichtenberger of Palm City, Florida. Bill kindly donated money to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast to see Stuart in the Josie Marcus novels.




When Harry is not at the Marcus household with Joise's daughter Amelia, he can be found in South Florida helping Eliane write her novels.