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The First Reviews of Brain Storm

5 stars. WOW! What an incredible story, which mirrors
Elaine's own so closely. Viets tells this story so well that when Angela is
having her migraines, I can almost feel them myself. When she finds out that she
has been in a medically-induced coma after being sent home from the ER by an
uncaring doctor, who is later murdered in front of most of the medical staff at
the hospital, the story takes a decidedly wicked turn. Viets uses an economy of
words in her dialogue to move the story; her characters feel very real. Kate,
Angela's medical examiner friend has the right amount of bite and wit to keep
her from being a shrew and the doctors are arrogant enough (for different
reasons) to remind me of some I've met myself. This fast-paced thriller was an
excellent read and I look forward to Angela as a series character from this
award-winning writer.

-Pam Stack Host: Authors on the Air

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