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A Star Is Dead Release Dates

I’ve signed a contract for two more Angela Richman, Death Investigator mysteries. A Star Is Dead, my fourth Angela mystery, debuts in the UK on December 31 and in the US in April.

Please pre-order it in the US here:
And the UK here:

Here’s what happens in A Star Is Dead:
Ageless Hollywood diva Jessica Gray is finishing the last leg of her one-woman show in St Louis, and the nearby town of Chouteau Forest is dazzled. They can’t wait to celebrate the star at an exclusive after-party. During the show Jessica humiliates three homeless women onstage, fires her entourage – not for the first time – and makes a bitter enemy of the town’s powerful patriarch.

Jessica collapses at the after-party from pneumonia and is rushed to the hospital. She ignores the advice of her doctors and insists on returning to LA. On the way to the airport in her limo, the diva suffers a deadly seizure. Her awful death turns out to be murder.

Everyone in Jessica’s limo, including Angela’s friend, Mario, is a suspect. Mario is arrested for Jessica’s murder. He’s facing the death penalty, and Angela risks her career – and her life – to solve this “locked limo” mystery.

Rather read A Star Is Dead as an ebook? The ebook debuts in February.

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